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This is a knife I made a few years ago with a grinder from an old plow blade. I have yet to put a handle on it since I am looking for something real original. I thought about making a handle out of a turtle shell but I havent found the right turtle yet lol. The sheath is made from a broken breast collar from a saddle. Hand stiched with very thin wire.



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I have raised turtles for years and most of the what looks like thickness is not. If you get a really big snapper you might get enough thickness, maybe 1/8", but from cooters and sliders there just isn't anything there that is thick enough for a decent handle no matter how big around. The scute is a very thin layer that overlays the bone. In most cases it is less in thickness then your fingernail and has a rich blood supply under it. Near the the edge where it wraps around the edge of the bone it may be twice the thickness of your fingernail. They are made up of very thin layers like pages in a book and are continually being shed for new layers growing up from below. Once the turtle is dead they tend to just peel right off of the bone and the bone separates at the multitude of joints that make up the carapace and plastron.

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