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Hello there, my name is Jerry O'Riordan. I am a carpenter in Vermont who specializes in old rotten houses. My welder/fabricator/metal smart guy is getting older and he told me to start learning blacksmithing so he can throttle down his work load. So I took a class at the John Campbell Folk School last week and have started to learn something new. I am thankful you all are here to help. I could use some. I am looking for plans to build a coal or gas forge, I'm not sure which. I have a few tools and an anvil. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks, we just move slower! Thanks

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Welcome aboard Jerry.

There are lots of forge plans and discussions on the site. Glenn just consolidated most if not all of them in one category just the other day. You have good timing.

You can also just ask the gang, we LOVE talking about fire and how to make them bigger and hotter.


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