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New to forum and new to Blacksmithing


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.Well Hi all I just wanted to say hay. I'm 50 years old and just thinking about a new hobby. I have just completed building a long bow and I'm thinking about making a good knife and some broad heads to go with it. I do things the hard way no extra machines. I get enough of those at work, I'm a CNC operator. Just write a program and push a button. So I got the hankering to go back in time a bit and pound things to shape.

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There are at least 6 ABANA affiliates in Virginia and a few others that are not affiliates.
Depending on where you live in the state .
Blacksmith guild of the potomac ( northern VA )
Blacksmith guild of va ( central virginia )
Tidewater blacksmith guild ( beach area )
central va blacksmith guild ( central va )
old dominion blacksmith association ( south side va )
Are among a few.
You are welcome to come to any of our mettings at The Blacksmith Guild of Virginia
You can visit us at Blacksmith Guild of Viriginia - Home and check us out online plus get links to the others

Welcome to the site there is lots to learn here

Mike Tanner

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Good to have you on board ProArcher. Making your own broadheads is a great exercise. My boys love their archery and like to convert their target arrows to broadheads all the time. I'm not so sure when they start shooting the targets in the back yard with them and the arrow just cuts through and keeps going.

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