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Indoor forge question

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Hey everyone, i just had a quick question i had heard about some kind of insulation or wall board that was fire proof to go around your indoor forge.
Anyone know what its called? where i can get it or if its real, the winter here is very unforgiving and this is the only way i can the Grandparents to let me put it in thier Shop

Thanks for your time, And this is an awesome site ive already made a pair of tongs from your blue prints section.


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Welcome aboard.

If you're looking to build a firewall between your forge and the shop walls you can use cement board on standoffs. Both are available at hardware stores, stove or building suppliers. The building supplier will be the least expensive and the stove store the most.

You'll also want to check the local fire codes, a web search of the local gvt offices should work for you. (then again lots of things SHOULD work and . . . )

If you'll click on "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your general location there are probably folk close enough to you to help directly.


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Sorry bad post.

Building code for your town should be considerd. Be advised that function and government regs are frequently at odds. The concrete wall board is really an underlaymnet surface for masonary but it works great by itself if the board is spaced off the surface you are trying to protect. Mount the board by screwing through .75 in copper tubing. This will assure an air space between the combustible surface and the source of the heat. I have tested these type installs with thermal imagiing equipment and the results are very favorable. The hot exposure side can run to 500 Deg F and the shielded side will run below 125 Deg F. The mortorboard is relatively cheap, available and easy to work. I have also used scrap roofing metal as a standoff reflective shield. It is portable and quick to set up. Both options are workable and make for a safe hot work area.

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