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Powdered Steel Damascus Blade


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The billet for the blade was made as follows. I made a box that was 2"X2'X6" out of L-6 bandsaw blade. in the bottom of the box I put leftover pieces of other damascus blades. I then filled the voids with powdered 1084 steel. This stuff is about the same consistency as sugar. Then I put in another layer of leftover pieces and more powdered 1084. I did that till the box was full, then clamped the lid down very tight and welded it in place. Then I welded a long piece of 1/2" round stock to the end to use as a handle instead of using tongs. Heat to welding heat and hammer into a bar. Draw the bar out to about 1" square, then hammer it round except for the very ends of the bar. Clamp one end of the bar in the vise, get on the other end of the hot bar with a big wrench and twist the heck out of it. Then hammer into blades.


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