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I Forge Iron

My first attempt.


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Well everyone else is doing it so here goes...
The boys were wanting to make a knife for my brother for Christmas so this is what we came up with.

~8'' long 5160 and roughed up a bit for that forged / old iron / antique look.
Handel made from nylon wrapped 2x and then polished using a buffing wheel and julers rouge until the nylon started to harden real well, kinda has a plastic handle feel but the rope doesn't move any.

Anyone have any idea what you would call this type of knife, except homemade, I have that part already? :D

The pictures are with my hat because the colors came out the same and I thought it fit the style. :rolleyes:



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Thanks for the comments!
I do hunt, but the knife will be a Christmas present for my lil brother should make a good hunting knife though. I was going for a ''barbaric'' / old Indian knife look and those who have seen it suggest that it looks like one of those two so I guess I have gotten my 'point' across ;)

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