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New (To me) Tools

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Just finished my 7.5 hp rotary 3 phase converter. :D Everything seems to work good and it shuts off automatically when I shut the shop lights off. I have several pieces of small 3 phase equipment that were bought right because they were 3 Phase. I also have several 3 phase motors to make equipment out of. So this should be time well spent.

I also built a smithin magician type tool (BP053) this weekend, I used scrap material so it turned out bigger than the BP but it should work fine. Still need to make more dies so I can try it out tomorrow. Also made the Taper tool (BP081) this afternoon.

I like toys...:shock:... tools I mean tools. :P


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Heres the pics
I'll start with the smithin Magician type tool

Heres the Taper Tool,

The Taper tool worked great today. But the frame is probably to big on the Smithin Magician type tool. It got in the way on the jaws for the tongs I made today to try these out. Other than that it worked real good.
Let me know what you think.







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Wow! whats the curved pieces on the magician made of? What are you using for the dies in the magician?
That taper maker is adjustable right? That hammer is differnt looking, any pics of it?
I don't know much about electrical stuff, so I'll hold comments on that :) .

Sounds like your on the right track, even with the second guessing. Thats how we learn to do things better! Might just have to remember to hold the jaws of the tongs in a horizontal plane, to use the magician.

Keep it up! Thanks for the pics!!!!

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If I remember right the curved pieces are 1 1/2" square stock that I had Laying around. The dies are made out of 2x3/4 flat mild steel. I have made 4 sets of dies so far. haven't heat treated them. I haven't heat treated the dies on the hammer and they seem to be fine.

The taper tool swivels just like the one in the blueprint. It works well, you just have to make sure the anvil plate doesn't flip over when you move your stock.
There's more info on the hammer in the power hammer junkies thread on this same forum. Heres some new and better pictures I finally got off my butt and slapped some paint on it(I'm bad about that).

It's all made from scratch the only thing I have in it is time. It's not fancy but I have used it on several long days and not had the first problem with it. :D
The Phase generator is not "code" but it works.

Thanks for the interest,





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