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I Forge Iron

Hello from Milton, Ontario


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I've been a member for a while. Just kind of lurking in the background and learning what I can from you fine folks. Figured it was high time I introduced myself.
I'm what you can call a newbie blacksmith. I got introduced to the art about a year ago when I had the opportunity to spend the day blacksmithing with a friend of mine over in the UK. I had a crash course that made my head spin, but also left me with endless ideas. On my return to Canada I proceded do all kinds of research and build myself a gas forge with the help direction of David Roberson. I've since been spending time aquiring and manufacturing various tools and setting up a temporary workshop for myself. I just finished taking an introductory blacksmithing course at our local blacksmith shop and have rediscovered the beauty of a coal fire vs gas. I may just have to construct myself a coal forge now.
I'll apologize in advance if somewhere down the road I ask a stupid question or two. It's been an ongoing learning experience so far. All in all though, I've found my blacksmithing community to be full of extremely helpful people who just seem to be a breed apart from the rest. It's been an extreme pleasure to be associated with them so far.
Sorry for being so longwinded.

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