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Howdy, y'all. It's another noob!


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The forum is guilt-tripping me into posting every time I log in so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I started smithing last winter after I moved to a house with enough room and loose enough zoning for a forge and ended up with a bit of extra money and realized that I could finally fulfill my childhood dream of blacksmithing. So after a few months of craigslisting and diligent research, I ended up with a 120# Peter Wright, some tongs, an NC Whisper Momma, and a couple of hammers. Didn't get a lot of hammer time in over the summer but, now that the garden is slowing down, I have time to pick up the hammer again.

When I set up my forge the first time, my neighbor wandered up and casually mentioned that her father is a blacksmith and that his shop is down then road. Then I went to dinner at a friend's house and found out that one of the other guests was a student of Uri Hofi. From him I learned that there's a liveaboard in the harbor who blacksmiths on his boat. So I'm pretty much surrounded by blacksmiths. It's pretty cool.

In addition to local smiths, I've been reading IFI and the archives and I'd like to thank Glenn and the posters here for providing such a great resource.

As for goals, I'd like to learn how to make hand tools, garden tools especially, and utilitarian items. At present, my specialty is turning smooth bits of metal into lumpy bits of metal. On the upside, since I got a quick lesson in Hofi's technique and hammer, I make lumpy metal much more efficiently. It only takes me half as much time to turn perfectly innocent bar stock into a lumpy mess!

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Hey there and welcome,

the old saying is the pile out back is 3 times the size of what goes out finished, and as you have already discovered how to beat some poor metal senseless, you have learned the 1st lesson well.
Now remember, after you complete a project, make another one, or to save time, make 2 from the start!! Take care.

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Hofi has the 1000 series of blueprints.

The fun thing about blacksmithing is you can take a lumpy mess, use the hammer to straighten it back out, and then use it again. (grin)

Now that you have started posting, you will find your questions answered blacksmiths that have stood exactly where you are now. Ten blacksmiths will know 12 ways to solve your problem. Try each method and one will work for you. Welcome to IForgeIron.

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