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Saltfork Conference

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Oct. 18-19. Gonna be a fun time in Perry, OK. Bob Alexander and Alison Finn are the demonstrators. You can read their bio's here: Saltfork Craftsmen
Tailgating as always. For you newbies (and others) this is a good way to purchase those 'needed' tools for your shop! Hope to see a bunch of you there. I will be there, hopefully, by noon on Friday. This one will be worth the drive.

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We will be there, leaving the 2 toddlers with aunt/uncle and loading the rest up. should be there bright and early Saturday. I'm hoping to buy at least one anvil for the kids and traveling, maybe even a bit of coal if it is available, a hammer or 2, drifts for hammers, etc. Can't wait!

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Thomas, I will be there Friday sometime around noon, depending on how long I look around the swapmeet at Chickasha.

Nate, Looking forward to meeting you again.

I understand that Tom Clark won't be there but he is sending his trailer with a couple of his helpers!

Looks like it will be a good conference!

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I enjoyed the conference again this year. It was difficult to decide whether to watch Bob or Alison. I watched a little of each of them.

I picked up a Guillotine "Smithing Magician" tool based on the Winter 2000 "Hammer's Blow".

I promised someone at the conference that I would post photos of Bob Alexander's Iris. I only have photos from Sunday.

Picasa Web Albums - Roy Tate - SaltFork Conf...


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