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John Martin

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I will be re-vamping my coal forge, for a much larger one. It will be portable, but my main forge, if I design it right, and buy the right firepot, it will easily outlast me. I have access to 2" thick firepots. :))) But while I am building this one, I will also be building three more smaller ones. I was wondering what size table I should go with for these ones. I was thinking a 24" wide x 36" long table.

I also will not be using ash dumps. My current coal forge operates without a ashdump. I literally cut mine off. I have found mine much more efficient by doing so, and it keeps the the tuyure very cool. I can hold my hand around it.

But I was wondering if anyone as any pictures or anything for smaller coal forges, that extra people could use. Each one of the three will have a anvil, vise, and forge. Lol.

But back to the subject:

They will be powered by one champion 400 electric blower. I think it could do six forges if needed. LOL. Each forge will then have an airgate to control the mighty blast.
24" Wide
36" Long
32" Tall
2" Lip, 1" Lip parallel to firepots.
2 Tongs racks.
Side and front.

These will be side-draft chimneys.

I do not know how fast this will be done, or anything like that, but I wanted to get a head start on it, by getting my plans down and set.

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I built mine using a 24"x36" service cart from Harbour Freight. I cut a hole in it for the fire pot, then lined it with 2" of homemade refractory. The blower is an a giant industrial 4-speed squirrel cage. It had far too much blast, so when my little brother was on leave from Iraq, he built an airgate for it. It works pretty good. I didn't buy the fire pot; I welded it up from 1/4" mild plate from Home Depot. The cart came with a push handle on one end, and I use that as a tool rack for the hammers, tongs, etc. that I'm using at the time. There are a couple of things that I'll do differently on the next one, but overall, it turned out pretty well. It was definitely an educational experience, and its very functional.

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