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I took a 1 day forge welding class from Darryl Nelson of Meridian Forge in Eatonville, Wa. yesterday. Excellent class, great instructor. Showed the 5 of us how to do each step then had us do it! We started with cable welding, then a mid bar scarf weld then an end of bar corner scarf weld. Finally we welded branches onto a base stem. (by far the hardest element).

I whole heartedly recommend Darryl as an instructor for anyone looking to advance their skills. Darryl is offer an animal head class later this month and has Mark Aspery doing 2 classes there next month. Training | NWBA Blacksmith

Here are the pictures of what I did.





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self made gas forges, and 20 mule team borax for most of the welds. With the scarf welds we also used EZ Weld, welding compound to help them pieces stick better.

Here is a picture of the forging stations, you can't see the forge itself that well in this picture but they are basic, get the gas in to the forge, add air and go for it.


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You can see one brick pile forge on the right side of the pic. Blown propane is what he was running back when too.

I visited Darryl maybe 20 years ago and I must say the shop looks MUCH cleaner now! It was Fire mountain Forge back then.

I was doing one of my vacation wandering around things and part of my routine was to ask if there were a blacksmith around whenever I stopped. Locals directed me to Darryl's place and I must say he was darned gracious seeing as I dropped in out of the blue and did nothing but disrupt the operation for 15 minutes or so.

Nice guy.


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