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Engineers Black Book


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This handy little book I have found to be very useful.
It may not be a blacksmith book but I think it is a lot of help to anyone working with steel.
In its is imformation for threads, hole fits, harderning & tempering steel, properties for different types of steel.
EMI Supply : Engineers Black Book - USA Edition - The engineers quick reference manual [EBB-USA] - $29.99
This is a link for some more imformation. Imformation in it is easy to find.

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Dads Dad had a light engineering shop. I was talking about my forge and that I had seen the "little black book" in a tool shop but the price was a bit steep ( for me at the moment at least)
Dad went inside a came back with Pops Engineers hand book Title page with the date is gone but he had covered the book with brown paper and added his name and class date 1912! Woo hoo.

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HI Guys
Thanks for bringing the Engineers Black Book to my notice, I have been looking for such a book for quite some time and I am completely happy with my purchase because it is very handy and user friendly for quick reference in my workshop.

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