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If it is close by you then go weld with to see how it works. Make sure it will weld at all the setting on the dial. BTW that is Lincoln 225 A.C. Amp welder, Alot of people call them tomestones because of their shape. It is a real workhorse if it works that is a good price. It is a 220 volt input so might have to make new curcuit to hook it up to house current. These days the copper in leads is worth quite bit.


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My dad bought one just like that more than 35 ago, Me and my brothers finally burned the switch out of it and had to replace that @ 45$ a couple of years ago other than that it has worked flawlessly and has survived a tornado and a house fire. The things are extremely simple on the inside in terms of wiring and components and this leads to a product that... just works when you turn it on! The key to not burning out the switch is to NEVER switch the stupid thing while your brother is welding! Guess he thought it would be funny, but it just arced the switch to the last position he switched it to. still didn't stop the welder just made it so you could not switch it from 75A any more. Replacement was easy and the local welding supply had the switch in stock.

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Lincoln Tombstone. A great welder at a good price. Those are almost indestructible. The only reservation is that it looks like AC only which makes it a bit tough to learn. If you havent welded with stick before you are going to have to practice quite a bit before it will be really useful. AC is tougher.

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