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welding mild steel to cast iron housing


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Dear all
hello, i'm new to this forum and just joined . i wish to have an anwser for my querries. Please help me explain the procedure of joining mild steel to Housing made of cast iron. I tried with arc process with nickel and cast iron electrode but when it cools crack develops. can anyone provide better solution it is urgent. this housing is of rototary kiln where water and oil flows insidea it max. working temp is 300 degree centigrade.
please if you have any solution reply or forward it to the concerned if you know

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I just repaired a 400horse power diesel engine that had a rod thrown through the side of the housing. Made a hole approx 6" x 12". I beveled the hole, removing any fragments, cut a piece of 1/2" steel plate and brazed it up. This is the second engine I have done this to. The first one was over 5 years ago and is still used everyday. It can be done, just takes some time. (I had pictures made of the last repair, just don't have them yet. Will post them when I get them sent to me) note: I cut the plate to have a 1/8" gap all around. good luck!

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When welding castiron it should be pre heated only so you can hold your hand against without burning , next is to weld in short lengths about 1 " at a time and peening the weld until cooled welding starts when you can hold your hand against it again and to finish with pre heat whole job and cool slowly , hope this helps

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