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Question about making anvil tools...

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Should the shank that goes in the hardie hole be carbon steel, or will mild steel do? I've got a 2" axle that I'm thinking about cutting to make the shapes I want, and then welding a piece of square bar to the bottom of each. Also, if my hardie hole is 1", should I use 7/8" bar, or get 1" bar and trim it just a little...my anvil didn't come with any tooling, and I'm unsure of how tight the fit should be. Thanks!

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I don't think there is any reason the shank needs to be anything special. It's only job is to hold the hardy tool in place. The shoulders of the hardy tool around the shank take the shock of use. I've seen folks use square tubing for shanks.

As far as fit.... A hardy should be EASY to put in and take out by hand (a little play).

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Its all been said. Make sure its easy to fit and get out so a bit of slop is good but not too much or lining it up on your work gets harder. As for material, if you can get an old axle or torsion bar make the whole thing out of this, especially if you got it for a good price :)

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