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downdraft welding table

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Pat-What are you planning on welding? I think they are used when hazardous off -gases are released but the welds MUST be done. If flux fumes are hurting you, then a woodworkers(compact and affordable and likely will fit under hood) respirator system with different cartridges may suffice. For mig, tig and even sometimes torch, drafts hurt the weld.
Then, maybe I am just ignorant on this.jol

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explain use of woodworkers sys.
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They actually make masks for use by Weldors. I typically use one (MSA LS 200 with the pink filters) when going into hazarous (i.e. asbestos) crawl space environments (I do home inspections for a living, so I do crawl spaces a lot)

very comfortable and slim fitting. also, there is little or no perceptable airflow restriction.

a great place to shop is www.safetycompany.com

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Down draft welding tables are great no matter what your welding if your welding indoors and especially if there are others working in the shop at the same time your welding.
They not only remove the smoke but also the dust and particles that float around and coat everything in the shop.
They are expensive to buy, especially for a hobby purpose but I dont think they would be too dificult to build, just make sure that you design it around a common and readily available filter style and size.
I personally hate respirators, so any time I can do/or use something that will allow me to safely skip the respirator I'm all over it.
When your done make a bluprint.


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Hey toolgypsy, if you find out any good info on a design for a down-draft welding table, I would love it if you would share--I have a nice table already built, my table was intended for welding/cutting/grinding---all of which would benefit the operator with a decent downdraft system.I have a couple pretty good designs for the cutting part of the table that I would be glad to pass along, although there are many other sharper knives in this collective drawer!!! Thanks, Andy

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