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General questions and intro post

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Hello all, finally joined here after some years of lurking. Glad to be among you all!

I'll submit some photos later and post them to this thread showing my setups and other things.

One of my first questions was what can anyone tell me about a "USA" ~45lb anvil cast in Alabama? That's about all I know on it, and I know "Bunky" a reenactor in an alabama guild owns one as well. the USA is cast on the side, and the material seems pretty soft. if someone knows a little, they might be able to tell me if it would be worth it to weld a new face on it.

My larger anvil is a peter wright, I forget the weight though. It was purchased missing part of the steel face around the hardy and pritchel hole, which was repaired with a peice of lead spring. I would love to touch the face up a little, either by sanding down, or building it up as the pitting from its previous owner leave much to be desired on the finish of my steel. i'm using a blower-vac attached to a lightweight forge, and that does the job. Have a few vises, one 3" (poorly-mounted), one 6" (not mounted) and one 3" "wagon-tongue" (not mounted)

Not much other than that, but it gets the job done for a few things that I am making. I am looking to expand and begin a business out of it all, but I know that some improvements must be made to my rig before that can happen.

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Welcome aboard Joseph.

I can't tell you anything about a cast iron USA anvil.

There are a number of ways to rebuild or dress existing anvils though I'd think there'd be enough in your neighborhood that a little persistence would reward you with one in better shape without having to go to all the work.

Most of us are always looking to improve our outfits so you're in good company.


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you are correct frosty, and it may be my ignorance, but refacing seems like a valid idea for it. However, it's not that big of a deal as it's my "traveler".

I have not checked yet Matt, what's a good test, grinding some hidden portion for sparks? I do know that it's getting a low spot or two from poor hammer technique, alas! ;)

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