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I Forge Iron

could I forge a Langes Messer using the Ulfberht and Japanese methods

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So I’m new to this, and getting info about forging is kinda difficult because I live in the middle of nowhere without any local experts to ask about this, and I cannot just google it because the sheer amount of misinformation there is that makes my head spin. So I came here hoping for a straight answer.


I want to one day, in the far future when I have the experience to do so, forge a Langes Messer that combines the Ulfberht with the Katana. Not for any romanticized reason (I’m not a weeabo or something like that) it’s purely for the sake of cosmetic purposes and for another reason I can’t really describe. 

what I want to do is take two crucible steel billets and take one and fold it to turn it from ultra-high carbon steel into something more soft to be the core. Meanwhile I want to keep the second one normal and forge it to be the edge before forge welding them together and making it into a Langes Messer. 

As for why I chose a Langes Messer, when I was a little boy, I always wanted to know what the best sword was, but as I got older I learned what we all learn, only I decided that the only sword truly worth of the title of best wasn’t a sword that was the best at everything, but was a “jack of all trades, master of none” (if I’m using that saying right). A sword that is practical for a wide range of uses. And I chose the Langes Messer as my subjective choice for the best sword, plus I thought I could also use it as a machete and/or a knife reliably. That and I kinda like how it looks.


so tell me, is my forging idea possible? Is it viable, is it practical? Tell me whatever you can. I’d really, really appreciate whatever feedback you can give me as long as it’s not just a “no” with no elaboration.

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Welcome aboard Billious walker, glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header you'll have a much better chance of meeting some of those experts you can't find. Or as I usually say you'll have a better chance of meeting up with members living within visiting distance.

The short answer is. Yes. Just not the way you describe wanting to do it. I don't know what you mean and what you say makes me dizzy. If you want to use low or medium carbon steel, buy or make it. Making "ultra high carbon" and trying to lower the C is like buying a V8 engine and removing 4 cylinders. Possible but sort of silly.

There are a number of world class bladesmiths on the forum, some published authors of outstanding how to books for folk wanting to learn the craft.

Another even better solution is to take classes from a good bladesmith.

Usually I recommend a newcomer learn blacksmithing before trying to forge a blade. It's a necessary skill and doesn't have as many factors to master as bladesmithing. Once you have blacksmithing down learning bladesmithing is mostly about fire management and heat treatment and relatively simple. Take all three at once is WAY more challenge than the individual skills.

Frosty The Lucky.

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