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Oversize blade heat treat

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I have one again let my hammer overtake my senses in pushing myself on challenging blades.  This time I have a rapier blade blank that is 42 inches on the blade itself and currently 49 inches overall.   5160 1/4 × 1 inch at the base tapering to 1/8 inch at the tip.

I have 2 options,  1; I go to another shop that has a 5 burner forge and bring the quench tank I'm going to build for it or 2; I do a trench forge with an air pipe and charcoal and laying the blade itself on a piece of angle iron to help keep it straight and heat evenly until I quench.  

I will have a straightening jig ready to go in my post vice and I'm probably going to have to torch temper to straw.

Any tips or suggestions?   I'm looking for holes and potential problems so I plan for them.   



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IMO either option would work but it depends on how deep the 5 burner forge is.  Can you get the whole length in the forge at once?  

Also, because a rapier is a thrusting weapon rather than a cutting one I think I would temper it to a blue rather than straw to give it more "springyness."  I think that straw would result in a higher probability of it snapping in use.  Although, nowadays we don't actually use swords very much but there have been exceptions.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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