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I recently came by this 6x48/ 12” disc machine. Every one of these o have ever used was dodgey on tracking, but this guy is a basket case. I thought I had it nailed down a few times, even did a bit of sanding on it, but regardless it jumps and runs the belt into frame violently, and without warning. It is old and has clearly been abused, and I have a suspicion that bad bearings combined with a warped frame might have something to do with this. Any suggestions on what to look at, or any possible fix? Worst case I just use the disc side…


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Check the easy things first.  If you haven't done so already, try other belts to verify that they do the same thing.  It's not likely the belt is the problem, but you want to cross that off the list before moving on.  After that the tensioning mechanism would top the list of the most likely suspects in my opinion.  Especially when there isn't enough tension belts can wander significantly with light to moderate pressure on the sanding surface.  If that system appears to be defect free and has the right amount of tension then I'd probably see if there's any play in any of the bearings.   I'm pretty sure if the frame was the issue the belt would not track right ever rather than suddenly change in use.

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