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Has anyone built a belt grinder?

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I wanted a multi purpose setup. It requires a couple of minutes to change over but this is what I did.
Purchased a 6x48 belt grinder with a 9 inch circular grinder. Its made by Delta. Has a 1 HP motor. The machine works great. Then I built a frame to set on top of the platen for the 48" belt which added an idler wheel so I can use 2x72 belts. It works great. I have (like many of the posts i've read) had to make some adjustments. I'll probably continue to refine it. It has a good slack belt area and I added a removable platen. I'm planning on adding another bracket/bearing setup to cary a contact wheel instead of the platen later. The 4" idler wheel I used works pretty well for light contact work. It is rubber and was given to me by a friend. Works well. Oh yeah, I use the tracking wheel on the base grinder for the 2x72 belt as well.

Materials are primarily square tubing and some angle iron. i like the square tubing for ease and availabilities of welding surfaces.

Not perfect but a good start. To this point I have not applied enough pressure to bog it down or break any belts.

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