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Square knot firepoker

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:Here is a firepoker I made for a trade item at a BAM meeting a few months ago. This was my first attempt at this style of poker after seeing a photo of one made by John Phillips in "The Contemporary Blacksmith" page 212 (great book). I hope the next one is even better, this was a fun project. Any feedback is appreciated as this is the first photo I have shown on IFI of my work.:)
Tom Adams
Detail of square knot - Blacksmith Photo Gallery
Detail of poker and wrap - Blacksmith Photo Gallery
Detail of poker and wrap - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

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Donnie...Thanks! and uh tutorial? Not sure I'm good at explaining steps very clear. It really wasn't too hard just new. I will have to look back at my measurements but basically you just make a loop and forge weld it, I did that in my coal fire. Make two small circles on each end of that piece for the handle. Keep one circle narrow and the other bent not quite 90 deg.
Make the poker end (keep the pointed ends straight at this time) and match the circle on the poker end with the bigger circle on the first piece. Then you slide the two together passing the narrower ends of both pieces through the bigger circles on each piece. Heat and true up the knot. That took me a little work till I was satisfied. Adjust so it doesn't slip. Then you just open the smaller circle on the handle end and curl one point on the poker end and finish with a wrap and curl. Not too difficult at least not as bad as I thought it would be. Try it!!!! It's fun. By the way I made mine this way I am not sure that is the only way or the most proper way. I'm still learning...always will be I hope.

Larry...Thanks!! No tacks and and yes I forge welded the small handle piece and just wrapped the poker end. It was really tight when I finished and I think it will hold up well. This was my first trade item and I was really nervous it would not be accepted well. The man that won it said, "good that's the one I wanted" You have no idea how that felt. :D

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Oh yes we do mate :D
Even the 'Legends' on here know exactly how you felt.
It's only ever when you're making somthing purely for your own pleasure that the "Oh **** I hope they like it!" Gremlin doesn't leer at you from a corner till the clients gone.

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