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Anvil Identification

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My Dad has finely let me have his anvil he bought at a garage sale in the 90s. I have not been able to identify the only markings are a star and the number six. It does have great rebound. I’m hesitant to wire brush the old paint and rust off because it got a lot of sentimental value to it. Not very heavy either. Let me know what you guys think. 






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I think you have a very good American Star anvil made in the mid 1800's. Not sure but the cast in number 6 denotes 60 pounder more or less. A bathroom scale would confirm that but you would have to take it off the stump. All it needs is hot steel hammered on it to shine up the hardened face. I did a search with google like this american star anvil site:iforgeiron.com and found quite a few threads. Here is but a couple.



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The American Star Anvil had a hole in its base up to about the middle of the anvil.  It was supposed to help even cooling from the manufacture. Look under it to see if it has the hole.  I had an American Star but sold it about 10 years ago to get a larger anvil.

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