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First post vice. Mounting question

Miles of Steel

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Hey all. Picked up this vice in western Arizona. It accepts a 1 inch bar but the bar doesn't catch on anything. The entire vice will slide down and collide with the 1 inch bar. I don't see any weld marks and can't figure how to set this up so I can beat on it. My first instinct is to weld it in but would rather not.  How dumb am I being?

Marks on the vice are 

Cole Tool MFG 

Chicago HTS ILL 

No 11




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You could weld a collar on the bar to keep it from sliding up into the vise;  I would not weld to the vise! 

 I don't consider the cole vise to be a true postvise; more of a multitool with the plusses and minuses of such.

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I've owned a cole vise for over 36 years; but I don't use it as much as my postvises.  It's main use is when I need to turn it to hold something at an angle.  I've also seen it used as a pipe vise with the "leg" providing a hand hold to rotate a pipe.

Now my cole drill I have gotten a lot of use out of---did the drilling on the trusses for my smithy extension---on top of a ladder---no electricity and needed to hand drill 1/2" holes in 3/8" plate...

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I should have mentioned which axis:  It swivels, or rotates if you prefer that term, so that the vise jaws can be vertical rather than horizontal.  Many machinist vises swivel in a horizontal plain but not a vertical one.   First picture, swivel lock lever is at the Mount/vise junction.  It can also be demounted and used on pipes as previously mentioned.

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