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I Forge Iron

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Here is my building of anvilstand.


I will need to forge smaller pieces of those c clamps that are used for beam holding, I do not know how they are called.

And here is comparison between old stump and now anvil stand.

I lost width but I get height.




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 Well i  cut it like this because i think it is enough i picked hammer in my hand stand straight and hammer touched railroad.

I was squatting when i was forging on stump.

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You would've been better off sitting that squatting at the anvil. This looks like a nice stout anvil stand, you'll be  much happier.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I will see if I will build something like quick vise wich is operated by leg (something similar as shavehorse have) but iam not sure how much that "clamp" is safe with keeping hot metal secure.

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