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So to start off I'm new at this and I'm looking to use a hair dryer as my blower. Just to get the ball rolling since I'm new to the hobby and then later on upgrade if I discover blacksmithing is really something I'd be in to. So my question is for the people that use blow dryers/hair dryers (sorry if this is a stupid question) do you just plug them into a normal wall outlet or what is it plugged into? I'm just wondering if having a blow dryer on that long would blow a fuse. 

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Welcome aboard Slip36, glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header you'll have a chance of hooking up with members living within visiting distance.

Yes a blow drier will work in a solid fuel forge. They put our way  more air than necessary so you'll need a way to control the output. A speed controller for the drier is NOT recommended for a number of reasons #1 being safety. A waste gate on the output side is easy to make and just mounting it so you can aim the output partly away fro the forge's air supply duct is as easy and effective ass it gets.

A blow drier is too much for coal and especially charcoal. Charcoal wants a soft air blast hardly any of a blow drier output is plenty enough.

I use mattress inflator blowers I pick up for next to nothing at yard/garage/etc. sales. Most are 12v DC but there are 120v AC. You can find them at Wally World in Wasilla for around $13. last I looked and under $5 on their close out table towards the end of summer. 

Frosty The Lucky. 

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