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  1. Sorry to revive this, but how long should you leave your piece submerged in vinegar?
  2. Yeah a mod moved this thread to "gas forges" Thank you everyone for your input! It was moved to the solid fuel forges section.
  3. pnut I notice in your picture that youre railroad track is facing upwards, is it suppose to be like that or is it okay to use one while it's sitting flat?
  4. yeah, if I ended up getting one I'd probably just discard the kaowool then. I'd only ask because I'm a beginner and almost every forum, video, whatever you see people always emphasizing coating kaowool and to watch a video of manufactures not doing that and then stating how they don't really throws a curve ball at my learning and understanding of things. thank you for your input, I appreciate it.
  5. yes they're a v shape. I'm not sure, I messaged the manufactures and they told me they personally dont treat it because the only installation is putting the wool against the side panel of steel and then its sandwiched with fire bricks. This is the video for reference.
  6. If anyone here has a whitlox forge or has built one I have a question. I had watched a setup video of one of their forges and I noticed the guy just took some kaowool and placed it down with fire bricks placed on top. My question is, do you not need to put refactory on the kaowool? Or am I mistaken?
  7. Does anyone have experience with those electric BBQ grill blowers with their forge? I saw one video where the guy used one as a blower and was just wondering if that really is a good choice?
  8. So to start off I'm new at this and I'm looking to use a hair dryer as my blower. Just to get the ball rolling since I'm new to the hobby and then later on upgrade if I discover blacksmithing is really something I'd be in to. So my question is for the people that use blow dryers/hair dryers (sorry if this is a stupid question) do you just plug them into a normal wall outlet or what is it plugged into? I'm just wondering if having a blow dryer on that long would blow a fuse.
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