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Metallurgists I need your help hardening 80CRV2

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Steel is 80CRV2. I'm messing with my heat treat and have access to a Rockwell tester at work. Piece number 1 is a chunk of raw stock that I cut off, piece number 2 is a chunk that I normalised (10 minute soak @ 1600° ctb, 10 minute soak @ 1480° ctb, 10 minute soak @ 1250° ctb.) Piece number 3 was quenched in warm canola oil after normalizing then a 5 minute soak @ 1500°, piece number 4 was tempered twice after normalizing and quenching, first for one hour @ 375° second for one hour @ 400°. Piece #4 is right where I would expect it to be, around 59-60 HRC but piece #3 has me worried. I was expecting it to check around 64-65 HRC but it is barely checking harder then the piece that I tempered. Did I screw up somewhere? What would explain my quenched piece being the same hardness as my tempered piece?


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