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First attempt bladesmithing tongs


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Here is the latest project from the forge. Some bladesmithing tongs. Definitely not pretty. But they do the job. I made these for working with large leafspring.  The next set will have to have heavier reigns, these ones have just a little too much flex im thinking. First time doing a rivet as well. Lots of fun learning along the way with these ones. And I finally got a clean impression from my hand made touchmark.20201207_154854.jpg.a397da933571e6e903f6898670a4cece.jpg 20201207_154753.jpg.dc3aee9a83cf37af4998ddefdb6c9b37.jpg 20201207_154501.jpg.8acb4fe7a9dd7ff5c853a1fcba44bcc5.jpg 20201207_154454.jpg.2811a69a41812a623d1af146d85e2103.jpg 20201207_154321.jpg.1493eab4471b21a139a1f18efb4720b8.jpg 20201207_154357.jpg.b563810925054e456b9ff75c841e1c0a.jpg 20201207_154653.jpg.8182b3cafc13dd49980ddcf76fcfaa0b.jpg 20201207_135919.jpg.a87e2970aa7aa959d97f44ff56c6c501.jpg

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Very true, irondragon. The leaf spring pictured, along with the rest of the pile I have, will be broken down to usable stock size as needed. And will be more than manageable in these tongs. I really just wanted to see if they held with the stability I had hoped for. And I was pleasantly surprised, so I got some action shots, hahah.

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