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English Anvil Maker ID

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I got a new anvil today to replace my heel-less Wilkinson. It's a 175-ish lb English one. It's in excellent shape by my standards, and I got it for $200. Ring and rebound are good. The face still has some factory crown at the front, and is pretty much dead flat across the rest. It does seem like a bit of an oddball in terms of the maker and how it was forged however. 


Edges and face are good, with nice large round edges tapering back towards the heel:


Here's the first odd thing. It has a small crack/delamination on the bottom of the horn. If this were a brand new anvil I would be a bit concerned, but considering how long this thing has been around without breaking I'm not really worried about it. Also, the ring is very clear, so I don't think the delamination goes very far into the anvil.


However, I can't really figure out what the maker is. To me it looks like it's stamped "KR  LAURRIGG" on one line and then "*something* WORKS" (IRONWORKS, maybe?). There are no stampings on the other side of the anvil. Anyways, I could not find anything about this manufacturer, so if anyone happens to know anything about it, I'd love to hear.



In any case, it seems like it will be a good anvil and I think I got a pretty good deal on it.

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Looks pretty nice from where I'm sitting, and a killer deal to boot. The stamped weight 1-2-5 translates to 173# starting weight, give or take a bit. I never heard of the mfg, but there were a lot of them around in the 19th century. I wouldn't be concerned about the delam.I'm wondering if the pritchel hole is original (punched) or added later (drilled). Anyway, use it in good health.


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I got it on a stand and used it for the first time today. It seems very nice.

I've looked everywhere I can think of for information on this mfg., but I have not found anything. I guess it's possible it was just a very small manufacturer, but then it seems somewhat unlikely that it would have been imported to the US to be sold. 

I was going to check AIA, but it is not available in the ILL system in my area. Could someone with a copy of AIA please take a quick look to see if there is any mention of Laurrigg anvils? 

Thank you

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