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Perkins #4 flypress info needed


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Hi all, I just joined and was wondering if anyone knew where I could find info on a Perkins #4 flypress.  I just picked on up and got it into my shop, but I've not had any luck finding info on them such as manufacturing date, actual press force (I've seen that they are larger and heavier than other presses with higher numbers), etc.  Any help would be appreciated.


P.S. it was a xxxx of a job getting that thing into place in the shop, but it fits like it was made to go there!




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Numbering was specific to the manufacturer and cannot be used for cross manufacturer comparisons.  Most manufacturers didn't tie their numbers to press force hence things like my Hopkins screwpress: (Picture of a #3 I found on the net, I can't get a good picture of mine till I get lights in the shop!)  I have no idea what the press force is on mine I just use it...


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Mines not quite so pretty; it's painted battle ship gray and spent 50 years in the corner of the tool room in a Western Electric plant, I got it at the auction in the early 00's?when they were selling off the factory and actually got to talk with a retiree who had worked there when they originally bought it new---a year or two later they bought a hydraulic press and nobody wanted to use the hand powered one anymore.  Same thing at the auction, I paid US$50 for it + 15% buyers reaming + $35 for a rigger to load it on my small pickup.  I would like to have a flypress too; but can't beat the price of my 2 lead screwpress.   I have to fight to keep students from using it rather than learning proper hammer control to provide smooth surfaces.  It's great for punching and drifting and we've even coined with it.

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