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Forging a Ichikagi (aka single point grapple hook)

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that is a great question..  Not really at least not from a common derivative or weapons line.. At least from what I understand..  The Hooks of which there are many types are separate both from the teachings and use strategies comparatively. 

Some use kusari gama and kusari fundo interchangebly but I have a tendency to use Fundo to specify this type in the photo. 

In use though they can be used exactly the same way for either impact or ensnaring. 

Or for climbing, but then to dispatch or use for waza it becomes much different needing a separate blade with Kagi.. 



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As a side note I don't own a kusari fundo at the present moment..  I lost mine (put it in a safe place)..   at some point I should make another one.  Its' a great tool to show how the chain/weight combo is super effective.   I have some video footage somewhere of using a weight on the ice.. 

For those not in the know.. the photo above is a Kusari gama.   

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