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Depends, does it turn? Is it loud or have a rub/noise? How big is it? Not much info for say. Follow Justin's advise as you may find something comprable to the one you are looking at. Also, your area usually dictates the price of blacksmith tools. Seems the further west you go the higher the price. eBay prices area usually way too high. IMHO.

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Ya ain't bought it yet?!??! $75 is a good price, Now that we know more about it. Have seen them in the $160+range. My first forge and blower was a rivit forge, just the legs and cast pan, the blower was a Champion 400 IIRC on the cone type stand. Both for $75.00. Have since sold both the forge and blower. Hated to see the blower go but didn't need it and it did go to a good and loving home.:)

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