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  1. If anyone remembers me I've been away from the forum for quite awhile. Being winter in Wv and doing all my work in the driveway has been nill since this has been the worst winter in Several years. I haven't seen my coal in two months. And have been VERY busy in the Oilfield. I am asking about any Blacksmtihs in Bahersfield Ca for the simple fact that I am here and will be for two more weeks. I would like to meet another Smithie that might be able to show me a few things. I'll be checking the forum every evening just in case. Thanx Rich
  2. I Have a 265lb Trenton I'm selling. Is $250 too much?
  3. Ok point WELL TAKEN will just sell rings for scrap. But I still want to try sandcasting of smaller pieces. As for the cannon, well I have other ideas on that want to use a stainless steel inner sleeve. Thanx Rich
  4. I took a chisel that was bigger than the hardie ground it down to fit the hole. May not be the best way but it worx
  5. I have been collecting sand and spacer rings out of High Pressure pumps used in the fracturing of natural gaswells. They look to be made primarily made of brass, but I have yet to find a temp at which it will liquify. What is the melting point of Brass and can that temp be obtained using coal as fuel? The engineer that designed one of the pumps we use said the rings arre an alloy. The melting point of Brass would be my first goal, then on from there. In case your wondring I want to cast a cannon. Thanx Rich:confused:
  6. I happen to have two of them one 165lb the other is 125lb. One of the members a few months ago said he thought they were called mouseholes. Niether one of them have any distinquishing markings on them all I know is the 165lber sat in a field for well over a hundred years before the man I purchased it from picked it up. (He made a lamp out of it) It is my primary anvil now. Rich
  7. Are there any archives from the forum? Where do I find them? I need to either purchase or make refractory material and I'm sure someone has covered this topic sometime in the past, and I hated beating dead horses. Thanx Rich, Been away a long time, The oilfield is really hoppin in the northeast
  8. I see no one mentioned that the working surface of a cold anvil may break off if struck the right way, relizing there may have been some hidden hairline cracks. I found out the hard way, now I have to reface a 125lb mousehole.
  9. MetalMuncher, I'm in the same boat, trying to fold a RR spike into itself, Unfortunatly I only get if lucky one afternoon a month to try any forging. Ran across the Blacksmith that runs Wizard Forge at a local welding supply shop, He told me that if you take the two pieces you want to weld touch them together(when heated) If your temp is right they will want to kinda stick Don't know if this is any help but anything is worth a try. Rich
  10. :confused: When I was a kid,(no not last week) I went to Prickett"s Fort in Fairmont Wv where I saw a blacksmith make a fork and spoon. It seems to me if I recall the anvil had indentations on it for the spoons, and some kind of cutter for the fork. Is there an anvil made such as this, Or is there some kind of impliment that attaches to either the Square or round holes on the anvil? ( I know one of the holes is called the "Pritchel" but I'm not sure which one.) Thanx Rich
  11. Nicholson Pa, Just bought one myself the man had three. paid $75 in perfect condition. The mans name is Watkins phone # is (570) 942-6723. Just tell him the man from Wv that works on gaswells refered you. He also has SEVERAL tools for blacksmithing Let me know what you find out Rich
  12. I have to bust up my coal before I can use it. I pick most of it up along the Shortline RR,or There are a few old coalmines along the route I drive to work so most of my coal is in lumps of 5-10lbs a few my go as much as50- 200lbs I use a pressure washer to clean any mud or clay from it. as for any dust left over from busting it up, 5gal bucket of water pack it into clumps and let dry. Rich
  13. It is quite large doesn't rub , turns very easily and makes alot of wind. made in Buffalo N.Y.
  14. In Tunkhannock Pa found hand crank bellows for $75, is this too much ?
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