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Mini BBQ Forge?


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I'm building a forge to create some Damascus billets for knife making. I have 2 mini BBQs, I'm not sure if either is suitable to modify into a forge.

My burner is the usual T burner with a 0-30 psi regulator. I could build a second one if necessary.

I'd be using the forge as a hobby, not for any kind of professional work.

If either of them are ok how many cubic inches should the heating area be? how large should the exhaust be?




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It is hard to reach the right destination from a false start. Begin with the size billets you want to work with. Add two inches around every side, the top and the bottom. These dimesions should work out pretty well, if you place the burner(s) between the the cieling on a side wall, so that the flame is passing over your work; not on it. The bottom two inches will be taken up with refractory insulation and kiln shelf or hard refractory flame coating. Beyond the two inch gap everywhere else you need to add two inches of insulation, plus 1/2" of hard refractory. Can you fit all that into the shell you are thinking about using?

Beneath the ceiling; not between it :P

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