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FREE coal!!!!!

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well i found a link on craigslist for 1000 pounds of free coal... so today i went out and got it! this is verry exciting as i have never used coal before and i got it for free other that paying 40 bucks a bag for 50 pounds...

please if the guy who gave it to me reads this post please coment! THANKS also

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I've been given free coal before that was best used to fill in a muddy spot in the path. it actually had yellow streaks in it of sulfur visible to the naked eye. I hope yours is the good stuff! I used it in a trench forge I dug in my back yard to do some box folds in 3/8" plate to make a fire tray for the Santa Maria replica they had in Columbus OH. It filled the entire alleyway wall to wall with coal smoke you couldn't see through.

OTOH a friend was once given a lot of free coke form an old house that used to have a coke furnace in it. I envied him on that gift; though it was a tad dirty having been sitting there a long time after they converted to a new furnace.

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