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I Forge Iron

Howdy from Arizona


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My name is Ron. I chose Oldiron as my handle because I like anything made from old iron. I've been collecting old tractors, garden tillers, engines for about six years now. I've had a burning (pun intended :) ) interest in metal casting and blacksmithing for a very long time. Just have never taken the plunge to get started in either one. Found this website/forum through a web search. Hope to glean enough information from this site to encourage me to get started heating some iron!

Thanks to all who make this site what it is! I've just started reading through the post, blueprints, and gallery. So I have a long ways to go and a lot to absorb.

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Thanks for the Welcome! Been in N. Arizona since June of 1991.

Forgot to mention earlier that I have O/A, MIG, and Stick welding rigs.

My younger brother has recently re sparked my interest in Blacksmithing. He has been doing it for several years and does demonstrations at a couple of the Plantations for the Louisiana State Park Service.

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triw - I live in Williams, about 30 miles West of Flagstaff on I-40.

From your Avatar it looks like you are involved in Civil War reenactment. My oldest and middle sons play in the 5th Regimental Band here in Williams during the summer and have been to Ft. Verde for Ft. Verde Days a couple of times.

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