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All of you know of Darren and Kathryn Ellis. They have been on an emotional and physical roller coaster to you know where. Awhile back I had posted a question about them which was meant by me to call out the reserves to help them, though I did not compose the post well.

I have this crazy gas forge idea that involves two Price Shorties, mounted a particular way in a round body forge with very high temp compatible lining.

Darren and Kathryn made an exceptional "present" for me( I am buying it, but that is something they don't ordinarily do!). I am convinced that their style of tubular forge is the ideal carrier for my experiment. Of course, they have been working day and night to fill outstanding orders- you would not believe the number that went out the day before they left for a truly deserved vacation. The special that I was permitted to purchase is not going to be a regularly available item. I am anxiously awaiting delivery of the forge components, cut and shaped but requiring me to weld it up- and without plumbing. So, I do not have to re-invent the wheel and can have a proven base for my crazy modifications- if it doesn't work out it will not be because of lack of quality in the basic forge configuration.

My goal in the arrangement I contemplate will retain spiral vortex flame propagation but is hoped to do so from end to end without variance. And, the burners should articulate so that they can be very easily aimed as desired and locking in desired alignment will require only a quick turn of the wrist.

Obviously, the forge will be pricey just because of the components. Though, the final iteration will allow for a user to fabricate their own round bodied forge within a reasonable range of diameter and length. And, this first will have 3000* blanket lining, high-temp brick floor and either ITC 100 or another interesting refractory coating. With the expected output, there will be an idle circuit - probably mandatory. And, I will likely have doors at both ends but with deflectors for the DB and adjustable vents like those on the bottom of a typical kettle grill or horizontal sliding vents and a door rest so that either can be opened to a desired amount.

So, you rightly ask, "Why is this rookie fooling around with all of this?" Well, because he is crazy(perhaps the more flexible thinkers will say 'crazier'). mike

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