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I Forge Iron

Hello from Illinois

Jim S

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I just joined the forum and by way of introduction I am an aspiring blacksmith who is interested in making and restoring Kentucky files. I have taken a begginning course from our local blacksmithing group and spent a week with a smith in Iowa where I forge welded a pistol barrel which I use as a paper weight and made an iron trigger guard and buttplate for a chunk gun that I recently completed.

After I retired I took several welding courses (stick, tig, mig) from our local community college but still can't do a decent vertical up and overhead is a sometime thing. I do have an ancient Southbend lathe and a Chinese mill/drill which allows me to make numerous items and ruin even greater amounts of good steel trying to make other items. I doubt that I will ever be a master welder, machinist or blacksmith but after sitting behind a desk for thirty some years, I am quite proud of my efforts,bruised knuckles, and burn scars.


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Jim, welcome to Iforgeiron.
There is a massive amount of information on metalworking here, and lots of friendly folks too.

So you're working on KY rifles........very interesting!

Be sure and post some pictures when you can.......we all love pictures.


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