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Champion 400 help


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So I have the entire champion 401 rivet forge, currently in the slow process of restoring it, but I use the 9in blower for all my forging. 

I got the hair xxxxxxxxxxx to restore the blower and make it look nicer, new coat if paint. Clean out the inside, whole nine yards. 

Long story short, while trying to remove the fan itself my father decided to ignore my protests and jam a screwdriver into the bronze gear, and bent it slightly.  It still works, but at higher speed it rocks the entire blower and stand like crazy. 

I want to attempt to bed it back to true by gently tapping it true again, but I have never worked with bronze and dont want to risk breaking it beyond repair as i love this blower. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I dont have any form of a press or I'd try that. I'm also not very confident that I can take the bronze gear out without damaging somthing. The 400's are tricky like that apparently 

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