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sword thickness ?


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hi guys i am planing to start my first sword in a few weeks and was wondering how thick it sould be?
It will be about 2 feet long, double edged, with a fuller in middle and a lon taper to a point.
any advice would be great.
i promise to post pictures along its journey

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You thinking a gladius hipanesis (sp) or a viking blade?. You don't mention width either.

Thickness ranges but the real ones were not all that thick and would have good distal taper. A good weight for a *real* historical blade for almost 1000 years was around 1kg and that includes the mountings and grip! Many *reproductions* made these days are way too heavy and would be considered useless junk back then---and we have MUCH better steels!

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There are different styles of short swords; I mentioned two above, and so different styles = different shapes = different thicknesses.

A 50mm wide blade could be hexagonal in cross section or diamond in cross section or other, fullered vs no fullered, etc, all will change how thick it should be.

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