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Scroll, jig bending flats "hard way"


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Hi folks,

I'd like to make a series of scrolls by bending flats the "hard" way (I'm an amateur).  You see in the photo the first scroll (on the cardboard) came out ok.  But I had a hard time getting it started, since the narrow tip kept slipping out of the initial backstop (yellow arrow in pic, don't know the formal name).  This also happens when I bend rods and flats the normal way, but for those I've learned just to use scroll tongs or a vise grip to hold them in place.  However, when bending in the "hard" orientation, tongs and vise grips don't have a lot to clamp to.

Is there something I've never quite grasped for making scroll jigs and the backstop to hold the start in place?  Or is there a better way altogether to secure the tip in this case?


1. The bottom part of the scroll is deliberately squished a bit to fit the overall piece I'm working on.

2. The scroll jigs are welded to thick sheet metal, which I've c-clamped to my welding table (an old storm grate).  I've learned by trial and error to bend flats in the hard orientation this way, since the table helps keep the flat from buckling.  I pull with one hand and lightly tap the flat with a hammer at the point that's bending.  Is there a better way?

3. I've learned, again by trial and error, to make the jig in two parts so that I can make the first part of the scroll without being hampered by the jig for the second part.  Is this how everyone does it?  Is there a better way?

Thanks for your help

Dan - Milford, PA 

Scroll jig bend flat hard way.jpg

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