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How much satanite? (From a different perspective than this question is usually asked)

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Hi, I'm looking to buy some satanite for the inside of a forge, but I can't find ANYWHERE that lists product dimensions or volume of material. I know I need 135ci, just trying to figure out if a 5lb bag is enough. If anybody has a bag (of any size, I can do the math to figure it out if it's not the same size) on hand and can post the dimensions here, I'd be much obliged. I don't have much extra cash at the moment so I'd rather not buy any more than I need. I have found numerous posts asking about how thick the satanite should be, but nothing that asks how much of it is actually needed to achieve that. Thanks a ton!

- Nick

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Got an email response from Blacksmiths Depot, the 5lb bag they carry is 7.5"x5.5"x2", or 82.5ci. Hope this helps someone along the way. If using this information, I'd assume there's some empty space in the bag. Until I get the bag and actually measure the volume contained, I'm going to assume that the actual volume of material is ~10% less than the product dimensions. Will post back here with a rough lb:ci number when I have it.

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Hey this is a great thread, I too had trouble finding this info. I think I have 168.25 ci of walls to cover in a 1/4'' layer, how many pounds should that take would you reckon? 

Hope life has been good since this post


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I've been gritting my teeth over how complicated you are making this. One of your problems is not keeping your notation straight. Above you say you think you have 168.25  CI of . . . area!:blink: Looking back you've been mixing your terms up all along. You even have members who can do this simple geometry in their heads confusing their terms.

SQ" = Square inch,  and is a measure of AREA. You've been using CI = Cubic Inch a measure of VOLUME, instead. 

I'm going to save you some calculating. Using chalk draw a rectangle the same dimensions as the inside of your liner. 10" x Whatever. Now take a 1pint can of sand representing a 1 lb. or pint can of Satanite and spread it evenly over the drawing, sheet of paper, etc. Adding enough water to apply it will make the layer thicker.

To avoid your next point of confusion dry material like refractories weigh approx. 1lb. / Pint, close enough as makes no difference.

There are ways to calculate these things without even basic math. Things like terminology are IMPORTANT, just wait till you start getting into blacksmithing jargon from more than 150 countries on Iforge.

Frosty The Lucky.

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