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Mikey burner troubleshooting


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Hey Guys,


So I’ve been building some 3/4” and 1” Mikey burners.  I’ve been having some trouble with flames blowing out.


The 3/4” burner, for instance, runs great with a .035 MiG tip across all pressure ranges, but anything smaller it blows the flame out with the choke open more than 1/2”.  

The 1” burner is the same story, but I have a .045 MiG tip in it.  Any thoughts?

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"What is a Mikey burner?" For several years, after the book came out, there was a very rigid definition. That's no longer true. What I can predict is that your version isn't one:one to the original design; that is not necessarily bad news. However, for you the numbers have changed; not what to do about them. Change gas orifice sizes until you do get what you're after :)

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