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Good day all,
I'm new to the site, and extremely new to blacksmithing, i just got my first anvil, an old hay budden that if i'm correct in my calculations weighs 197 lbs the numbers 1 3 1 are on the side anyway, i hope ti have a good time, and along the way share any info that i may come across, that might be useful, and might be to the benefit of all.

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Hi and welcome to the group. Great people here with great info.
As for your anvil H-B did not use the stone weight what you see is what it is 131lbs that is a nice size. Go back and edit your profile to include your location one of us might be just around the corner.

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI!
You've got an excellent anvil, I have 2HBs-- One @ 185# and one @ 105#. Love them both and wouldn't trade for them. Get something to eat and drink, kick your shoes off, relax and enjoy the site. Tons of information here and if you can't find it in the current threads check the archives, most everything has been asked at least once. ;) But if you can't find what you need just ask, someone here can help. Also, don't forget the gallery. Both for looking and posting some of your work. Once again, welcome.

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Welcome, I have a place in Wrathbone, just the other side of Addison, about a 1/2 hr from Corning, I used to get up about 5-6 times a year but now with the way things are i havn't been up there in almost a year.


hey if you ever need to get rid of anything, when the time comes, just let me know, good to find someone so close
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