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Searching for an old book


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Back around 1987 I checked a book out from the local library. It was a really good book on blacksmithing, though I did not really know enough to understand it at the time. It described a forge, hood and chimney built from old water heater shells, with a really good description of fire management, evaluating scrap, and making blacksmith tools with a whole chapter on punching and drifting. I do not recall the author or title, and it was a rebound book so it was just a shiny grey binding. The author was from the southwest somewhere, and talked about learning from mexican smiths. He had a Spanish sounding name that I do not recall. It is not much to go on, but I would love to find a copy of it, or at least know what this book was...my library has no records from before 2012 ( I already checked)

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Finally found it. My memory was not the most precise it turns out. It is “beginning blacksmithing with projects” by Jim Converse. It goes into depth on chimney design, ventilation, fire maintenance, and anvil dressing.


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