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Need advice on which Venturi burner

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I’m slowly building a propane tank ribbon burner forge, and thinking it will be 3-4 weeks before it’s finished.  But.... I immediately need to buy a Venturi burner to put in a temp forge do I can work.  Which Venturi burner would you suggest? The temp forge is 10”x18”x6”. 
I don’t need Damascus forging heat, just need it hot enough to work small pieces of steel, horse shoes, tongs, and such.  I really think one good burner will be enough. 
Reason I want to buy, is partially cause I’m not sure about how to set one up, and what a proper flame consists of. 


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Amal burners,  and Larry Zoeller Forge "Z" burners have good track records at reasonable prices. There are some hotter burners available on the Net, but their track records aren't steady.

Hybrid Burners come in a choice of sizes, and are hot burning, with a steady performance record, but you may wince at the price. Chili Forge has great quality, heat, and performance, but in only one size; again, you won't like the price.

The bottom line is; the more you know the better you do.

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