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proud grand father?


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today, me and a girl called Malin Jonsson picked down a "smal" power hammer for the first time ever ( every thing!). it was totaly new experiense for us. After a while when we finely put everything back, i almost started to cry and thought of my grandfather how was an matersmith (Alex Pedersen) frome Demnark. woundering if he would be proude of my "live as a blacsmith" and for my sucsess in my work. I

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Karl, Good story! Thank you for sharing it with us. I used to spend summers on my Grandparents cattle ranch when I was 8-15 years old. My Grandfather would always involve me in his day. We would work together solving problems and fixing broken things. We formed an intense bond with each other, and I always think of him when I work my way through a tough challenge. I know exactly how you feel.

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