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Some of my works


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Hello! I would like to share some of my favourite knives that I've made! I love to remove material with my belt grinder from plate but also I love to forge!

This is made with c70 (1070), leather sheat and home made "micarta".

 IMG_20180812_155857.thumb.jpg.37b1740f5286c58a63bd814536a14bde.jpg IMG_20180812_155945.thumb.jpg.91f4637d5a916b137cae7b2def3df6c3.jpg


This tiny little one it is a test made from k720 steel (that should by something like 01 I guess). And coated with gun kote! (that I love).


This is also made from 1070 with a wood stratification


This is an old project (sorry for the bad quality photo), it's old but gold to me, and I still love to carry in my outdoor experience!

It is made from w1 steel, and old file. And paracord wrapped.


Here one of my first puukko blade!


And these, are probably the first stuff that I've made :) a ton of years ago!



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Do you mean Vercelli?  For some reason that sounds familiar and if I remember correctly, that's a beautiful part of the country.

When I visited my extended family 20 years ago, we spent a few days at Lago di Como, staying in Bellagio before heading  up to Andermatt, Switzerland for a couple of days.  I can't remember if we then spent a day in Vercelli on our way back to Rome, or if I'm thinking of a restaurant we used to frequent in Chicago when I was a kid called Vercellio's.  

Anyway, have a good day!

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